Google has provided a more insight into how it plans to help brands avoid appearing alongside controversial videos on YouTube.

The internet giant has faced growing criticism for making money off ads that run against videos associated with terrorist group sympathizers, among other “hateful” groups, with brands often unaware or unable to control the ad placements.

At last month’s Super Bowl, Hyundai created an ad hailing U.S. troops that was then used as pre-roll to a video supporting Hezbollah. A number of companies have since halted their online advertising after encountering similar issues, and last week both the Guardian and the U.K. government announced they had suspended YouTube advertising.

In the wake of mounting pressure from the U.K., Google last week revealed it would create “more robust” tools.

Read more: YouTube’s plan to protect advertisers from controversial videos: stricter enforcement and more control for brands | VentureBeat | Marketing | by Paul Sawers

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YouTube’s plan to protect advertisers from controversial videos:…

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