Uber has lost a U.K. court case it brought against a London transport authority that plans to require private-hire taxi drivers to pass an English-language communication exam.

The test was first announced back in 2015 by then London Mayor Boris Johnson, and was aimed at bringing more regulation to the burgeoning private-hire taxi industry that companies such as Uber have enabled.

The purpose of the exam is to verify that drivers have basic geographic knowledge of London’s streets and that those from non-English speaking countries have proficiency in English reading, writing, and listening.

The city’s public transport body, Transport for London (TfL), had planned to implement the new rule, among other regulations, beginning last October, but Uber and three drivers filed a legal challenge.

Read more: Uber loses court battle that challenged English-language test requirement for U.K. drivers | VentureBeat | Business | by Paul Sawers

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Uber loses court battle on English-language test for U.K. drivers | Ve…

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