Dubai is aiming to become the world’s first city to have passenger-carrying drones operating in its skies. Speaking at a summit in the city on Monday the Emirate’s Roads and Transport Authority said they are on track to launch them by July.

The RTA have been working alongside Chinese firm EHang, whose autonomous aerial vehicle the EHang 184 looks set to taxi passengers across Dubai’s impressive skyline. “The RTA is making every effort to start the operation of the AAV in July 2017,” RTA executive director Mattar Al Tayer said at the World Government Summit in Dubai on Monday.

Using a touch screen to select a preset destination, passengers will be able to travel in the vehicle for up to 30 minutes at a top speed of around 100kph (60mph), all overlooked by a ground-based control center.


Read more: Taxi drones set for July launch of passenger service over Dubai (VIDEO) — RT News

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Taxi drones set for July launch of passenger service over Dubai — RT…

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