Drones To Monitor Shark Activities In Australia

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA: Drones will be used at West Australian (WA) beaches on a three month trial to monitor shark activity and spot other dangers such as rips and schools of baitfish which attract the predators.

WA state fisheries minister Joe Francis said the trial was part of the state government’s 33 million Australian dollars Shark Hazard Mitigation strategy.

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What Drones Did for the Sky, Robot Subs Are About to Do for the Sea

The next drone revolution is happening underwater. Just as flying drones have changed from expensive specialist tools to mass-market million-sellers in a few short years, their aquatic counterparts are opening up the seas.

Unmanned submarines, known as Remotely Operated Vehicles, can regularly be seen on television exploring sunken cities or looking for crashed aircraft.

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Luigi The PoopBot Wants To Know What You’re Ingesting

Over the last few years, scientists have turned to a new source to discover statistics about everything from diet to drug usage: your poop. Taking samples from sewers is a fantastic way to find out more about a population, bypassing the difficulty of getting people to answer surveys and peeling back the layers of stigma that prevents people from being honest about their habits.

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Did a Solar-Powered Autonomous Boat Just Cross the Pacific Ocean?

I struggle to descend the stairs leading to the sandy beach at Half Moon Bay, California, awkwardly hefting the 60-pound solar-powered boat SeaCharger atop my shoulder. Amid the numerous “what-the-heck-is-that?!” stares of the beachgoers, I perform some last-minute checks of the boat’s propeller and rudder and then wade out into the knee-high surf and push SeaCharger as hard as I can towards the oncoming waves.

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