SecondHands Project Unveils Robot Prototype for Ocado’s Warehouses

The SecondHands project has presented the first prototype of its collaborative robot. The cobot which will act as the main platform for testing and developing new technologies related to the maintenance and repair of automation equipment in Ocado’s highly automated warehouses.

Boston Dynamics Handle Robot Carries 100 Lbs, Conquers Stairs – Robotics Trends

Boston Dynamics has officially unveiled Handle, a research robot that combines the efficiency of wheels with the versatility of legs. We first saw leaked footage of Handle last month, but Boston Dynamics has released new details of the robot and a video that shows some new tricks.

Amazon’s robot worker challenge won by AI-powered suction arm – TechRepublic

While humans are undoubtedly better than robots at all sorts of tasks, slowly but surely the bots are catching up.

Helping narrow that gap is retail giant Amazon, which this past weekend funded a contest in Leipzig, Germany, where robots tried their hand at picking items from shelves in a mock Amazon warehouse.

How Amazon Triggered a Robot Arms Race – Bloomberg

An Amazon warehouse is a flurry of activity. Workers jog around a manmade cavern plopping items into yellow and black crates. Towering hydraulic arms lift heavy boxes toward the rafters.

And an army of stubby orange robots slide along the floor like giant, sentient hockey pucks, piled high with towers of consumer gratification ranging from bestsellers to kitchenware.

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