UK drivers trust established car firms over tech giants on driverless cars though majority trust the safety aspect regardless | City A.M.

UK drivers are feeling confident about the future of driverless cars, with the majority expecting them to be as safe or safer than current cars.

However, according to research by connected car services firm Inrix, people in the UK were more trusting of established car firms when it came to securing in-car data than they were of the world’s tech giants.

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4 Things Robots Need to Learn Before Working With Humans | WIRED

THE ROBOTS ARE coming. And really, in some ways, they’re already here. If you’ve ever tripped over a robot vacuum, you’ve actually waded into the fascinating frontier that is human-robot interaction. If humans are at all going to get along with increasingly sophisticated robots, we need to figure out how we’re going to interact with them, and in turn they’ll need to adapt to us.

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Believing is seeing | The Economist

IT IS easy to forget that even the most trivial commercial transactions rely on small acts of trust. Laws encourage good behaviour, but states lack the resources to force everyone to be good all the time.

Trust keeps society running. Just ordering a pizza requires faith that the dough will be well made, that the pizzeria will not abuse the customer’s credit-card information, and that the delivery man will not abscond with the cargo.

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