Scopis Target Guided Surgery System Cleared in U.S. | Medgadget

Scopis, a company headquartered in Berlin, Germany, won FDA clearance for its augmented reality navigation system for ENT surgeries. The technology provides visual guided paths, superimposed onto the live imaging from the endoscope, that help surgeons guide their tools safely toward difficult to reach targets.

Transparent, gel-based robots can catch and release live fish | MIT News

Engineers at MIT have fabricated transparent, gel-based robots that move when water is pumped in and out of them. The bots can perform a number of fast, forceful tasks, including kicking a ball underwater, and grabbing and releasing a live fish. The robots are made entirely of hydrogel — a tough, rubbery, nearly transparent material […]

Complete decontamination of robotic instruments “virtually impossible” | Spinal News International

Robotic surgery seems to offer a number of impressive benefits for spinal surgery, from increased precision and accuracy to potentially lower radiation doses for operating room staff and patients. With Globus’ Excelsius and Mazor Robotics’ Mazor X recently unveiled at the annual meeting of the North American Spine Society (NASS; 26-29 October 2016, Boston, USA), the market for robotic devices is becoming increasingly saturated.

The Tiny Robots Revolutionizing Eye Surgery

Last September, Robert MacLaren, an ophthalmologist and professor at Oxford University, plunged a tiny robotic arm into William Beaver’s eye. A membrane had recently contracted on the 70-year-old priest’s retina, pinching it into an uneven shape and causing him to see the world as if reflected in a hall of mirrors.

New app will help medical students study operations in virtual reality | T3

A new networking designed to connect over 8.5 million medical practitioners around the world isn’t just aiming to give doctors, nurses and surgeons the ability to request an instant consultation – it’s also offering students and experienced GPs alike the chance to watch in-depth medical procedures through a virtual reality headset.

Doctors Using VR To Aid In Neurosurgery ‘Is A No-Brainer’

Dr. Robert Louis, a neurosurgeon at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Orange County, CA, is pitched some type of new technology, gadget or medication every day. He’s shown things so often that he developed an internal filter that automatically sets expectations a lot lower than the enthusiasm of the rep.

But that all changed in October 2015.

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