The World’s First International Giant Robot Fight Is Coming In August! Japan Vs. America! | SnapMunk

Strap in folks! Today we aren’t talking about Facebook’s business decisions or some new gadget or Elon Musk. Nope, today we have a good old fashioned showdown that’s circled the tech news world for years, and finally, we have a date with destiny.

The German National Soccer Team To Begin Using Virtual Reality To Train, Partners With STRIVR

The NFL has become a proponent of training in virtual reality—everybody from the Dallas Cowboys, who began using the technology in 2015, to Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer has embraced the idea of practicing in this 3D space. So have the NBA’s Washington Wizards, the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks, and, most recently, Walmart associates.

3D printing gains traction in industrial tool kits

Just a fraction of a second can make the difference in Formula One. Over the course of a season, these smallest of margins can separate the winner of the motorsport championship from the also-rans.

One of the ways UK-based McLaren-Honda is looking to capture those marginal gains is with the use of a portable 3D printer, which it took to a Grand Prix event for the first time this month in Bahrain.

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