The Falcon Heavy’s creator is trying to change more worlds than one

IT WAS not the much anticipated take-off that took your breath away. It was the landings. Eight minutes after they had lifted the first SpaceX Falcon Heavy off its pad at Cape Canaveral on February 6th, two of its three boosters returned.

Scientists at The University of Edinburgh unveil humanoid robot that will help NASA on unmanned missions to Mars | City A.M.

Scientists at The University of Edinburgh have recently unveiled a £2m humanoid robot that will help NASA on un-manned missions to Mars.

The Valkyrie project is a result of collaboration between NASA and The University of Edinburgh on a very ambitious futuristic idea.

Astronauts should learn how to print out 3D equipment to save their lives

Astronauts should be taught how to print out 3D medical equipment as missions get longer, with greater risk of health emergencies, experts say.

Intensive care doctors called for extra training for those embarking on space voyages, to cope with the unusual challenges of microgravity and limited storage room.

We’re launching a horde of tiny satellites, and that might eventually make space flight unusable

Earlier this year, India made headlines after it launched a record-breaking 104 satellites into the planet’s orbit. Only three actually look like ‘real’ satellites, while the other 101 are called ‘nanosatellites’ because they don’t weigh more than five or six kilograms.

‘Passengers’ Co-Star Michael Sheen Ranks Space Robots

One of the true highlights of Passengers is the performance given by Michael Sheen as Arthur, a robot (“android, technically”) bartender. On a big, lonely ship, Arthur’s straightforward charm is a welcome sight for sore eyes … especially if you’re awake on a long journey through space when you’re supposed to be asleep. We asked Sheen where he’d rank his character among the greatest space robots.

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