VR is spectacular but lonely: Here’s how it needs to change to succeed | ZDNet

The Oculus Rift is a remarkable, intoxicating, mesmerising experience, and virtual reality, or VR, will almost certainly turn out to be one of the defining technologies of the next century — but not quite yet.

I first tried out a VR headset perhaps a dozen years ago: it was like trying to play Pong while wearing a diving helmet. On a boat in a storm. At midnight. Drunk.

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Are we ready for robot relationships?

Companion robots designed to interact, assist and socialise with humans are a growing focus of the robotics industry. While some developers are looking to create innovative caregiving solutions to help ageing populations, others are delving into equally controversial territory – such as the creation of human-like sex robots. Can advanced technology really improve living standards or alleviate loneliness?

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AltspaceVR To Host World’s First Virtual Reality Wedding

On May 25th, 2017, bride and groom Elisa Evans and Martin Shervington will get together with friends and family at one of their favorite hangout spots: a quirky florist that doubles up as a bar in the Welsh city of Cardiff. They will then don their HMDs, and join the remainder of their guests scattered all around the globe for the world’s first official VR wedding ceremony of its kind.

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Why Virtual Reality Will Be the Most Social Computing Platform Yet – Medium

The future of immersive virtual reality is often depicted as a dystopian view of millions of people spending hours alone each day, with huge gadgets stuck to their face, enraptured by fantastical worlds.

But it’s going to be millions of people spending time together — with friends, family, colleagues, and new acquaintances — experiencing moments together no matter the physical distance between them.

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