Grassroots groups use ‘internet of things’ data to tackle damp and noise

The ‘internet of things’ can conjure up grand visions of driverless cars speeding around ‘smart cities’ blanketed by billions of sensors communicating over 5G mobile networks. At a grassroots level, however, groups of citizens are starting to use the data and sensors for their own purposes.

How Google wants to build a world where every device is listening – TechRepublic

Google wants to hear you say ‘yes’…and ‘no’, and maybe also ‘on’ and ‘off’ too.

The firm is gathering speech samples from people across the globe, as part of a push to get simple voice recognition everywhere, paving the way for voice commands to be added to appliances and gadgets throughout our homes.

OK, House. Get Smart: Make the Most of Your AI Home Minions

IF YOU’RE NOT already having conversations with a cylindrical speaker sitting on the kitchen counter, you will be soon. AI-­powered devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are poised to invade tens of millions more households this year. Here’s a guide to getting the most out of these futuristic household minions.

Your Home’s Next Must-Have Accessory Is a Fancy Router | WIRED

You probably don’t give your router any thought once you’ve shoved that spidery doodad with all the antennae under your TV, in a cabinet, or behind the shoes in your closet. You buy it, install it, and forget about it until something goes wrong.

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