Ikea and Apple are launching an app that lets you virtually try out furniture in your home – and then buy it – Business Insider Nordic

Ikea recently unveiled a slew of future initiatives. Among them was the “click” technology that promises to reduce the assembly time of furniture from hours to minutes.

Ikea is also looking to leverage digital tools to help boost sales. Beyond pilots with third-party e-commerce sites, Ikea caused a stir with a foray into AR with Apple.

Wetherspoon’s ‘Order & Pay’ app is the future – not just of pubs but of the world | The Independent

Wetherspoon might have killed off the traditional pub and heralded the rise of the robots. Or it might just have saved it.

The company has unleashed into the world its Order & Pay app – specifically made so that nobody will ever have to queue at the bar again.

Amazon’s supermarket of the future could operate with just 3 staff – Business Insider

Amazon’s high-tech supermarkets of the future could be operated by just three humans, according to The New York Post. The ecommerce giant is reportedly considering two-storey supermarkets that span between 10,000 square feet and 40,000 square feet and rely heavily on a fleet of robots, sources told The New York Post. The supermarkets — currently […]

Robots will destroy our jobs – and we’re not ready for it | The Guardian

The McDonald’s on the corner of Third Avenue and 58th Street in New York doesn’t look all that different from any of the fast-food chain’s other locations across the country. Inside, however, hungry patrons are welcomed not by a cashier waiting to take their order, but by a “Create Your Taste” kiosk.

Pull a fast one: London bar installs world’s first tap-and-pay beer pump | The Guardian

The world’s first contactless payment, self-service beer pump will be put to the test by consumers during the height of pre-Christmas partying in the UK’s bars and pubs. Pay@Pump allows drinkers to order and pour their own pint and pay with a contactless card or device touched on a pad at the base of the pump.

Kill the drones, Amazon Go is an actual game changer

I wanted to dismiss Amazon Go as another Jeff Bezos attention play. But I was wrong. This is the shopping experience we’ve all been waiting for. Amazon is the most important retailer in the country, and when it tries to transform how we shop and receive products, people listen. I listen.

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