Amazon Go is finally a go: Sensor-infused store opens to the public Monday, with no checkout lines

The first Amazon Go grocery and convenience store is open to the public Seattle — letting any person with an Amazon account, the Amazon Go app and a willingness to give up more of their personal privacy than usual simply grab anything they want and walk out, without going through a checkout line.

Driverless cars are getting new eyes from ex-Apple folks and Aeva

The most exciting innovation in vision these days has nothing to do with our eyes, but rather with our cars. In California’s Silicon Valley, two veterans of Apple’s Special Projects Group named Soroush Salehian and Mina Rezk have founded a startup known as Aeva.

Grassroots groups use ‘internet of things’ data to tackle damp and noise

The ‘internet of things’ can conjure up grand visions of driverless cars speeding around ‘smart cities’ blanketed by billions of sensors communicating over 5G mobile networks. At a grassroots level, however, groups of citizens are starting to use the data and sensors for their own purposes.

Battery-Free Wearable Patch Can Help Monitor Health – IEEE Spectrum

A battery-free electronic patch that sticks onto skin like a temporary tattoo can be powered wirelessly by smartphones to help monitor health, researchers say.

A variety of wearable technology is on the market to monitor life signs, but these mostly possess hard components that have to be strapped onto the body.

Volcano Explorer Deploys IoT Sensors To Predict Eruptions – ARC

Predict a volcanic eruption, save the lives of thousands. That’s the kind of promise the Internet Of Things can make.

With investment forecast to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade, the key to is success will be how companies or people leverage the data being generated.

Wearable technology could change the way we think about air pollution –  Washington Post

While activists lobby for more stringent pollution-cutting measures around the world, and policymakers grapple with how to write them, some scientists and designers have turned to the power of innovative technology to raise awareness and save lives with the help of wearable pollution sensors.

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