Facebook Isn’t the Only One Working on Artificial Intelligence for Suicide Prevention | WIRED

For years, Facebook has been investing in artificial intelligence fields like machine learning and deep neural nets to build its core business—selling you things better than anyone else in the world. But earlier this month, the company began turning some of those AI tools to a more noble goal.

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New drone owners urged to read the rules before first flight | The Guardian

New drone owners have been warned about the risks of flying the devices as soon as they unwrap them this Christmas. Police and aviation authorities urged users to read up on strict rules about the remote-controlled gadgets before taking them for their first spin. Those caught flying drones dangerously face an unlimited fine and up to five years in prison.

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What’s the first emotion you’d give an AI that might kill you? Yes, fear • The Register

As artificially-intelligent software continues to outperform humans, it’s natural to be anxious about the future. What exactly is stopping a neural network, hard at work, from accidentally hurting or killing us all?

The horror of a blundering AI injuring people has been explored heavily in science fiction; to this day, boffins have been trying to stop fiction from turning into fact.

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The drone that will lighten your darkness | The Times

Hurrying from street light to street light on a gloomy path at night could become a thing of the past under plans to fit spotlights to drones.

The “Fleetlights” technology has been developed by the insurer Direct Line. Its creators say that it could be used by people walking home from the station after a late shift, but could also be useful for motorists and cyclists on country lanes.

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Elon Musk: Tesla not liable for driverless car crashes – Business Insider

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced its new cars will come with hardware that allows them to be fully autonomous — but the company won’t consider itself legally liable if its driverless cars get in a crash.

“I think that would be up to the individual’s insurance,” Musk said. “If it is something endemic to our design, certainly we would take our responsibility for that.”

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