Self-driving cars vs hackers: Can these eight rules stop security breaches? | ZDNet

The increasingly internet-connected nature of vehicles means cars are fast becoming just another potential target for hackers looking to steal personal data, remotely control vehicles, or even leave the driver unable to start the car because the systems have been infected with ransomware.

UK plans to stop sale of all diesel, petrol cars from 2040 | ZDNet

The UK government has outlined plans to prevent the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars by 2040. The draft proposal stems from fears that pollution is rising and air quality continues to get worse, which may eventually become a serious risk to public health.

Explore University College London’s Bold Plan to Automate Financial Regulation and Save the City a Fortune

Professor Philip Treleaven and his financial computer science team at University College London have impressive form when it comes to executing grandiose projects. About 25 years ago, UCL successfully built the first insider dealing detection system for the London Stock Exchange.

FAA’s Recreational Drone Registration Struck Down in Court – Robotics Trends

Well, that didn’t take long.

Consumers in the United States who buy a drone for recreational purposes no longer need to register it with the Federal Aviation Administration. A Washington, D.C. federal court ruled the FAA’s drone registration rule violates Section 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act.

Do we need robot law? A British Academy panel discussion

Advances in AI have enabled a range of developments in robotics, from driverless vehicles to unmanned military machines. These advances raise questions about autonomy and accountability – what happens if a faithful servant disobeys an action, and who is to blame if things go wrong? Can our current governance mechanisms lessen these risks and empower us to adopt new technologies?

Philosopher Daniel Dennett on AI, robots and religion

It would be hard to confuse Daniel Dennett for anyone other than a philosopher. With his voluminous white beard, imposing frame, and jolly demeanour, he cuts a distinctive figure in the sleek restaurant atop London’s National Portrait Gallery. It is a hazy, sunny day as we gaze out across the rooftops. The Union Flag hangs limply over Parliament.

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