Muscle-like fabric could turn regular clothes into ‘Superman suits’

These muscle-like textiles made from cellulose yarn can respond to low-voltage electricity to contract just like actual muscle fibers. Clothing made from such a material could help those with disabilities enhance their mobility by providing a far more light-weight alternative to cumbersome exoskeletons.

Could 3D printing revolutionise prosthetic limbs and care for amputees? | The Independent

John Nhial was barely a teenager when he was grabbed by a Sudanese guerrilla army and forced to become a child soldier. He was made to endure weeks of walking with so little food and water that some of his fellow captives died. Four more were killed one night in a wild-animal attack.

Prosthetic Arm Detects Spinal Nerve Signals for Control Say Scientists ~ Ideas, Inventions And Innovations

Scientists have developed sensor technology for a robotic prosthetic arm that detects signals from nerves in the spinal cord.

To control the prosthetic, the patient has to think like they are controlling a phantom arm and imagine some simple manoeuvres, such as pinching two fingers together.

Prosthetic medicine | The Economist

Modern prostheses sport things like articulated fingers that can be controlled by picking up impulses from their wearer’s remaining nerves.But a bionic limb receiving commands is only half the picture. To be a true replacement, it should also be able to send sensations back to its wearer, to enable him to control it precisely.

Man Feels Sensations in His Paralyzed Hand Through a Robotic Prosthetic | Medgadget

Researchers from University of Pittsburgh successfully managed to bring back the feeling of sensation to a man severely paralyzed a decade earlier. The 28 year-old had electrodes from a brain-computer interface (BCI) implanted into the primary somatosensory cortex of his brain.

First 3D Printed Prosthetic to Compete in Rio – 3D Printing Industry

3D printed prostheses are fast becoming a more accepted and viable option, and they’re about to become competitive.

This is Denise Schindler, a paralympian and leg amputee from Germany. She won a silver medal at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London.

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