AI missed repeat in 2017 Kentucky Derby, but outperformed the experts – TechRepublic

When an artificial intelligence-powered “swarm” correctly predicted the order of the top four finishers in last year’s Kentucky Derby, the surprising story got picked up around the world.

For the 2017 Derby, artificial intelligence learned the same lesson that has been beating up dyed-in-the-wool handicappers for over a century: horse racing is the most unpredictable sport on the planet, and the Kentucky Derby is the most unpredictable race in the sport.

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Artificial Intelligence Can Tell If You’re Going To Be A Criminal, Says Study

Artificial intelligence has gone from science-fiction fantasy to imminent component of the future in the space of just a few decades, with many of the fictitious genre’s predictions inching closer and closer to reality.

One such foreshadowing short story was Philip K. Dick’s The Minority Report, which was later made into a feature film directed by Steven Spielberg.

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