Artificial Intelligence Can Tell If You’re Going To Be A Criminal, Says Study

Artificial intelligence has gone from science-fiction fantasy to imminent component of the future in the space of just a few decades, with many of the fictitious genre’s predictions inching closer and closer to reality.

One such foreshadowing short story was Philip K. Dick’s The Minority Report, which was later made into a feature film directed by Steven Spielberg.

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Hacker’s Icarus machine steals drones midflight • The Register

Security researcher Jonathan Andersson has developed a tidy hardware module capable of fully hijacking a variety of popular drones and remote control gear running over the most popular protocol.

Trend Micro’s advanced security group manager told The Register he developed the Icarus box, and it only needs to be within range of a drone to hijack it with injected commands.

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Spy drones to stop public pooing in public | Daily Star

DRONES are being deployed for the most unlikely reason imaginable – to catch people having a poo in public. Officials were forced to bring in the draconian measure to stop brazen locals squatting in fields in Yamunanagar, north India.

They are fuming because residents’ preference for relieving themselves in the great outdoors – rather than their own bathroom – has cost the district its “open defecation free” zone title.

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