Google’s Next Operating System Could Be a Play for the Internet of Things – TheStreet

Though it controls the world’s most widely-used operating system, Google is building a brand-new OS that can run on many types of devices. It looks as if the company is making a fresh play for powering the Internet of Things. Google has published code written for Fuchsia, an OS indevelopment that (unlike Android or Chrome […]

Internet of Things as the next Industrial Revolution – How it will change the industry in 2016

The Internet of Things has been given the label of the next Industrial Revolution as it is going to bring about a staggering change to way in which people work, live, travel and entertain themselves.

The revolution has already started! Did you ever wonder what the Internet of Things will do next?

IBM, AT&T to meld Internet of Things platforms | ZDNet

IBM and AT&T said they will combine their cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to make them interoperable and to provide developers with easier tools.

The partnership combines IBM’s Bluemix platform as a service with its Watson IoT platform with AT&T’s network and IoT offerings. The combined IoT suite will be hosted on IBM’s cloud.

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