AI Can Recognize Your Face Even If You’re Pixelated | WIRED

PIXELATION HAS LONG been a familiar fig leaf to cover our visual media’s most private parts. Blurred chunks of text or obscured faces and license plates show up on the news, in redacted documents, and online. The technique is nothing fancy, but it has worked well enough, because people can’t see or read through the distortion. The problem, however, is that as computer vision becomes increasingly robust, it’s starting to see things we can’t.

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Machine learning’s next trick is generating videos from photos | The Verge

Show a human any photograph and they’ll able to predict what happens next with pretty decent accuracy. The woman riding her bike will keep on moving. The dog will catch the frisbee. The man is going to have a pratfall. And so on. It’s such a basic skill that we don’t consider the vast amount of information that is used to make these predictions.

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