Your next interview could be in VR: Lloyds trials virtual tests for candidates

Beyond gaming, there are a myriad ways companies are attempting to embrace virtual reality. The latest is in recruitment.

Lloyds Banking Group is launching a scheme that uses VR headsets to put job applicants to the test in virtual situations. No longer will the applicants have to describe how they would handle a certain situation, they will soon be asked to prove it but taking on a range of problem-solving tasks in virtual worlds.

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The robots set to disrupt white collar work

Developments in robotics and technology mean more and more white collar jobs are being automated and performed by machines, according to experts, who also predict that this automation could solve the productivity gap.

Estimates of the impact of robotic automation vary, but market research by Forrester forecasts that automation will replace 12 million jobs in the U.S. by 2025, according to its report published last month

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