Google’s AI Duet lets you make music with a virtual pianist – The Verge

Google’s latest artificial intelligence experiment is a music-playing piano bot that digests whatever keyboard melodies you give it and tries to respond in kind. The neat tool is called AI Duet, and it’s part of an ongoing push from Google’s Creative Lab division to help the public familiarize themselves with AI.

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This AI is a pop music hit machine • The Register

AI are often seen as cold, calculating machines, devoid of any warmth or humanity. One way to make AI more relatable and human-like could be encouraging them to take part in human activities like making music.

Using AI is one of the geekiest ways to make tunes, and has been around since the 80s. It’s a thriving area of research with dedicated academic conferences. And with the recent boom in machine learning, it also means the quality of music created by AI seems to be getting better too.

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Google Play Music adds machine learning in new update – Business Insider

Google Play Music, Google’s music streaming service, is getting smarter. An update to the Google Play Music app will kick in a new feature that can predict what you want to hear next.

In fact, Google is so confident in the app’s accuracy, that it completely revamped the welcome screen on Play Music so you can just tap to start listening to a playlist suited for you based on the time, your location, and a variety of other factors.

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