The NHS is trialling this health monitoring wearable in hospitals

The UK’s NHS is continuing its experiments with wearable tech with two trials of Snap40, a health wearable worn on the upper arm, which continuously monitors hospital patients’ vital signs.

The wireless device packs six sensors, which track heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, oxygen saturations, blood pressure, posture, movement and even emotion.

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The proven health trackers saving thousands of lives – BBC News

It was when Vic Gundotra’s father suffered serious heart problems and nearly died that the former Google executive decided to move into healthcare tech.

He now runs a firm called AliveCor that has developed a heart-monitoring device causing excitement in medical circles.AliveCor’s recently launched Kardia Band, which integrates with Apple’s smart watch, takes an electrocardiogram (ECG) of your heart, measuring its electrical activity as it pumps away.

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