US Army will have more combat robots than human soldiers by 2025

The US Army will have “more combat robots than it will have humans” by 2025, former UK intelligence officer John Bassett told officials at a counter-terrorism meeting in London.

Bassett, now a security consultant, with a 20-year career with GCHQ, spoke about US attempts to employ thousands of robots in a matter of years as it tries to stay ahead of the curve.

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The queen and her drones | The Economist

ON January 23rd 2009, just three days after his inauguration, President Barack Obama authorised his first drone strikes. The targets were two houses in the Waziristan region of Pakistan, a semi-autonomous area covered by jagged mountains.

The first drone dropped a missile on top of one of the homes, searing a hole through the roof and killing five suspected al-Qaeda militants. The second hit the wrong target, killing at least five civilians.

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