Sorry to burst your bubble, but Microsoft’s ‘Ms Pac-Man beating AI’ is more Automatic Idiot • The Register

Back in September Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told a developer conference: “We are not pursuing AI to beat humans at games.”

This week, we learned Redmond has done more or less that.

How Microsoft’s AI Mastered Ms. Pac-Man – Robotics Trends

Add Ms. Pac-Man to the growing list of games being mastered by artificial intelligence (AI).

An AI system from Microsoft set the all-time high score for Ms. Pac-Man with 999,990 points – the highest possible score in the game.  The previous high score was 933,580 points set by Abdner Ashman, a human from New York.

Microsoft HoloLens Exec Talks Augmented Reality Future |

In less than ten years, people will routinely interact with digital graphics and holograms beamed onto the real world.That’s according to Lorraine Bardeen, Microsoft’s general manager of Windows and HoloLens. Speaking at the annual AWE conference for augmented reality in Santa Clara, Bardeen discussed why Microsoft sees the nascent technology becoming the next way people use computers beyond mobile touchscreens or the standard keyboard and mouse

Microsoft reveals prototype augmented reality glasses

Microsoft has revealed a pair of prototype AR glasses, that looks a lot like an everyday pair of specs.

With the Redmond’s AR ambitions currently being powered by a bulky headset, the reveal of these smartglasses (image below) in a research paper indicates it has been exploring different ways to propel the HoloLens platform forward.

Scopis Introduces Mixed Reality to Simplify Surgical Navigation

Scopis has announced a mixed reality surgical navigation system that uses the Microsoft HoloLens for spinal surgery applications.

It combines current surgical navigation technologies with Microsoft’s augmented reality headset to show surgeons where they’re drilling into in real-time, without shifting their gaze away from the surgical field

Microsoft’s HoloLens: How these surgeons can now voyage around patients’ organs | ZDNet

Using Microsoft’s HoloLens platform, researchers in Oslo have developed a way of turning traditional two-dimensional medical images into 3D augmented-reality models for planning surgery and navigating around organs during operations.

AI can write new code by borrowing lines from other programs

DeepCoder, a system put together by researchers at Microsoft and the University of Cambridge, can now allow machines to write their own programs. It’s currently limited in scope, such as those seen at programming competitions. The tool could make it much easier for people who don’t know how to write code to create simple programs.

Microsoft Announces Siri Competitor with Voice-Activated VR Experience

You may not be aware of this but for years now Microsoft has been steadily working to build the world’s smartest computer brain. Now, that brain is getting a whole lot smarter.

Microsoft has announced Custom Speech Service, a suite of innovations that tackle emerging AI issues like computer vision and machine learning.

The Internet of Intelligent Things: Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and the new battlefront | Windows Central

Roughly every ten years there’s a shift to a new computing paradigm. The computer hardware and process optimization of the 80’s gave way to the Microsoft software and productivity of the 90s. Google-dominated web-based information retrieval of the 00s yielded to the Apple-Android mobile duopoly and the warehouse of apps of the 10’s.

Microsoft’s new plan is to flood your entire life with artificial intelligence — Quartz

“We want to bring intelligence to everything, to everywhere, and for everyone,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told developers earlier this year.

Artificial intelligence has been the company’s touchstone technology since Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant was added to Windows more than a year ago.

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