The Makerbot Replicator+ is still the easiest 3D printer on the market | TechCrunch

3D printing is in a bit of a doldrums. The novelty has worn off and the limited utility of the technology has been made clear. The bloom is especially off the rose of home 3D printing thanks to slow improvements in the actual technology involved in squirting plastic into clever shapes. There are only so many Yoda heads you can print before the 3D printer starts collecting dust.

Barclays brings 3D printing to the British masses – 3D Printing Industry

Barclays Eagle Labs has linked up with MyMiniFactory to take 3D printing to the masses with sponsored Fab Labs throughout the UK.

Could this be the push that 3D printing needs to go mainstream?It could turn out to be a big deal for the maker community and help 3D printing gain a foothold with the general population.

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