Global cities look to technology to drive change

A time traveller from the 1950s visiting London today might be surprised to find that the fundamental aspects of the public transport system have not changed dramatically

Buses have had a design overhaul, but they are still flagged down by passengers at the side of the road. Trains continue to move along on steel rails, but station guards wave signal paddles instead of blowing whistles.

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Starship’s robots to deliver Just Eat orders in London – Engadget

In the coming weeks, robots developed by Starship Technologies will hit the streets of London to help deliver meals ordered from two of the UK’s biggest food delivery startups – Just Eat and Pronto.
The self-driving robots have already journeyed over 5,000 miles in tests across Greenwich, Milton Keynes and Glastonbury. The company says they have “met over 400,000 people without a single accident.”

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