Driverless cars are getting new eyes from ex-Apple folks and Aeva

The most exciting innovation in vision these days has nothing to do with our eyes, but rather with our cars. In California’s Silicon Valley, two veterans of Apple’s Special Projects Group named Soroush Salehian and Mina Rezk have founded a startup known as Aeva.

Google’s Waymo Sues Uber Over Lidar Self-Driving Car Technology | WIRED

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE in building an autonomous vehicle is giving the car the ability to see the world. It requires a thorough understanding of lidar, the radar-like system of lasers that creates the digital map each car needs to navigate the world safely and competently.

A breakthrough in miniaturising lidars for autonomous driving | The Economist

EXPERIMENTAL self-driving cars continue to make regular forays onto the roads. After a trial in Pittsburgh, Uber launched several of its “autonomous” vehicles onto the streets of San Francisco on December 14th—and promptly ran into a row with officials for not obtaining an operating permit, which Uber insists is unnecessary as the vehicles have a backup driver to take over if something goes wrong.

Velodyne Funding Highlights Lidar’s Role in Driverless Cars | Electronic Design

Last week Velodyne raised $150 million in funding to develop better laser imaging technology (lidar) for driverless cars. Velodyne’s lidar works with cameras and radar to gather data about the vehicle’s surroundings and keep an eye on traffic and pedestrians.

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