This AI Gets Smarter by Surfing the Internet – Robotics Trends

Of the vast wealth of information unlocked by the Internet, most is plain text. The data necessary to answer myriad questions – about, say, the correlations between the industrial use of certain chemicals and incidents of disease, or between patterns of news coverage and voter-poll results – may all be online. But extracting it from plain text and organizing it for quantitative analysis may be prohibitively time consuming.

Press Association will use robots to write market reports, sports coverage and election results

Hello Siri, can you write me a story please? This could be the future of digital journalism after the Press Association said they are looking at using robots to report some stories in the next few months.

Speaking at the Society of Editor’s conference this morning, the agency’s editor-in-chief, Pete Clifton, said they would be using robots to cover some market reports, election results and football reporting.

How to cope when robots take your job

The robots are coming to demolish your career. “No office job is safe,” says Sebastian Thrun, an expert on artificial intelligence at Stanford University. Lots of lawyers, accountants, even surgeons will be automated away. Having spent my career watching the long, slow carnage of my own industry, I have some insight into how that will feel, and how to cope.

When I entered journalism in 1995, it was a pretty cushy business.

Rise of the robo-journalists? Google teaches an AI the art of writing a good headline | ZDNet

While headline writing is an art that’s been mastered by some humans, it’s a skill that machines find particularly difficult to learn.Google claims to have overcome some of the struggles computers have with summarising text and to have developed a machine-learning algorithm that can write “very good” headlines.

Facebook ‘trending’ featuring fake news hours after humans replaced with robots

Hours after Facebook fired its “trending” news team and replaced it with robot curators, the social network’s news section featured inaccurate and potentially offensive articles.

The stories that appeared in the trending news box were previously curated by journalists, who would weed out links that weren’t high quality or from well-regarded publications

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