It knows their methods | The Economist

In New York there is a ten-week-long queue to see simulations by Watson, IBM’s cognitive artificial-intelligence platform.

Initially known for stunts such as beating human contestants on “Jeopardy!”, a quiz show, Watson has been seeking a wider audience. It has found a vast potential one in the world of financial regulation.

Would you trust the future of humanity to a group called PAIBPS?

I have never been more afraid about the dangers of artificial intelligence than when I first heard the name of the new body that the world’s technology giants have formed to reassure me about it.

Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM and Facebook announced its establishment last week.

Artificially Intelligent Lawyer “Ross” Has Been Hired By Its First Official Law Firm

Law firm Baker & Hostetler has announced that they are employing IBM’s AI Ross to handle their bankruptcy practice, which at the moment consists of nearly 50 lawyers. Ross, “the world’s first artificially intelligent attorney” built on IBM’s cognitive computer Watson, was designed to read and understand language, postulate hypotheses when asked questions, research, and […]

IBM’s Watson discovered a rare illness in a woman with leukaemia – TechWorm

Artificial Intelligence turned saviour for a patient suffering from leukaemia.

A team of Japanese doctors turned to IBM’s AI system, Watson for help after the treatment for an 60-year-old woman suffering from leukaemia proved unsuccessful.

IBM, AT&T to meld Internet of Things platforms | ZDNet

IBM and AT&T said they will combine their cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to make them interoperable and to provide developers with easier tools.

The partnership combines IBM’s Bluemix platform as a service with its Watson IoT platform with AT&T’s network and IoT offerings. The combined IoT suite will be hosted on IBM’s cloud.

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