Jibo Social Robot on Sale for $899 – Robotics Trends

After three long years, the Jibo social robot is now available for the public to buy for $899. Starting in September 2017, Boston-based Jibo has shipped more than 2,500 units to its 2014 Indiegogo backers. The robots purchased by the public will start shipping on November 7, 2017.

Jibo is similar to other personal assistants in that it can tell you the weather, look up recipes, tell you jokes and answer trivia. But what sets Jibo apart from the competition is its personality and ability to engage with its people. Jibo wants to be your companion, more than anything. And it’s obvious the Jibo team has and will continue to invest a ton of development time into the robots’ personality.

Jibo sits on a three-axis motor that enables it to turn towards the person it’s engaging with. Jibo is also a lot cuter than an Amazon Echo or Google Home and, thanks to face and voice recognition, Jibo can learn and recognize up to 15 people.

Sphero’s new company wants to bring intelligent robots into your home

Sphero is mainly known for its connected toys, and, of course, Star Wars’ BB-8 Droid (which it also turned into a very popular gadget). But the company has also been working on grander plans all the while. Today, Sphero announced that it’s spinning off its advanced robotics division into a new company, Misty Robotics, which will be focused on bringing intelligent personal robots into homes and offices.

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