IQBuds Cut The Noise, Accentuate Voices Without a Prescription | Medgadget

A lot of people have hearing issues that make it difficult for them to hear others while surrounded by a noisy environment, yet prescription hearing aids may be too expensive and an overkill solution. IQBuds from Nuheara, a company with offices in San Francisco, CA and Perth, Australia, is a new solution unveiled at CES in Las Vegas this week, that accentuate sounds you want to hear while drowning out the surrounding noise.

Prick up your ears | The Economist

WHEN Apple in early September introduced a new iPhone without a jack for headphones, together with pricey wireless earbuds that you speak into, it did not take long for mocking videos to appear online. In one, an enterprising soul reveals a “secret hack” to get back the jack: he drills a hole into a new iPhone.

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