Ditch That Landline and Use Google Home Instead

YOU PROBABLY DON’T have a landline phone, because it’s not 1995. But you miss it sometimes, don’t you? Knowing where the phone was all the time, having something anyone could pick up and use, avoiding the rock-paper-scissors over who has to waste their cell phone battery calling Dominos.

Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant are just the beginning: Voice is the future | ZDNet

The consumer IT giants — such as Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft — have all invested heavily in voice technology. Analyst Gartner estimated two years that 30 percent of our interactions with technology will be through ‘conversations’ with smart machines by 2018.

OK, House. Get Smart: Make the Most of Your AI Home Minions

IF YOU’RE NOT already having conversations with a cylindrical speaker sitting on the kitchen counter, you will be soon. AI-­powered devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are poised to invade tens of millions more households this year. Here’s a guide to getting the most out of these futuristic household minions.

Google Home Now Supports Multiple Users For Smarter Personalization | WIRED

VOICE-POWERED SPEAKERS LIKE Amazon Echo and Google Home have carved out a place on kitchen counters and nightstands in countless homes. What makes their immense popularity all the more remarkable is that they’ve achieved it without a key feature: Knowing exactly who’s talking.

Google Home review: Can Google’s smart speaker overthrow the Amazon Echo? | City A.M.

When the singularity is reached and our robot servants finally turn on their human masters, future mecha-historians will point with metal fingers to 2017 as the year it all began.

Google pulls Beauty and the Beast ‘ad’ from Home – BBC News

Google has removed audio about the movie Beauty and the Beast which played out unprompted on Google Home. “By the way, Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast opens today,” the smart speaker said after listing the time, weather and travel update.

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