How about a nice game of … Tetris? Oxford eggheads slow PTSD onset with classic game • The Register

Playing a game of Tetris in the aftermath of a traumatic event can help alleviate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

A team of researchers in the UK, Germany, and Sweden, say in their paper for the journal Molecular Psychiatry that when given the computer game to play in the hours following a serious auto accident, patients experienced fewer early symptoms associated with PTSD.

A.I. for Texas Hold’em has 10 times the win rate of professional poker players

A powerful algorithm known as DeepStack has refined its own strategy at heads-up Poker Hold’em to win against professional poker players at 10 times the rate of a human player. The core innovations demonstrated by the algorithm could find real-world applications where ‘intuition’ is prized.

Google is Studying How Robots Will Collaborate |

Technologists are still working to perfect A.I. and automation technologies that can accomplish one or two tasks in a very complex world. But it’s not hard to envision a future in which multiple computer agents will work together to solve even bigger problems. Alphabet Inc’s DeepMind team set out to illustrate how learning machines work together.

Has AI passed a new milestone? It’s beaten human players at poker, say researchers | ZDNet

Researchers behind a poker-playing AI system called DeepStack say it’s the first algorithm to have ever beaten poker pros in a game of heads-up no-limit Texas hold ’em. The claim would mark a major milestone in the development of artificial-intelligence systems.

Cache flush: AI poker bot to compete against top players in tourney • The Register

Poker is the next game for AI to beat. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed Libratus, a computer program that will go head to head with top poker players at Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh, beginning next week.

Next Big Future: Deepmind AI targets Starcraft

Demis Hassabis, cofounder of Google-owned firm DeepMind, and Jeff Dean, who leads the Google Brain project, have both hinted that StarCraft will be their next target, while Facebook researchers have just released an open-source platform designed to help people develop AI to play the game.

The 6 most exciting AI advances of 2016 – TechRepublic

In 2016, major automakers like Tesla and Ford announced timelines for releasing fully-autonomous vehicles.

DeepMind’s AlphaGo, Google’s AI system, beat the world champ Lee Sedol at one of the most complex board games in history.

And other major advancements in AI have had big implications in healthcare, with some systems proving more effective in diagnosing cancer than human doctors.

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