Ford names Jim Hackett as new CEO in push to build self-driving cars

Ford has named the head of its driverless cars division as its chief executive in a sudden regime change, as the company that pioneered the assembly line looks to the next stage of the industry’s evolution.

The Detroit-based carmaker said Mark Fields, who has run the company since July 2014, was retiring with immediate effect amid an overhaul of senior management.

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Ford Says It’ll Have a Fleet of Fully Autonomous Cars in Just 5 Years | WIRED

MORE THAN A century after introducing the Model T, Ford hopes to once again change how the masses move. The company announced this morning that it will have thousands of fully autonomous vehicles in urban car-sharing and ride-hailing fleets by 2021. To achieve that goal, the company will double, to 300, the number of people at its Silicon Valley research center and add 60 autonomous vehicles to the fleet of 30 already deployed there.

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