Virtual reality cocktail menu offers London bar-goers an immersive drinking experience | Inside the Magic

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a cocktail and a virtual reality experience at the same time, London’s One Aldwych hotel may be your next stop.

Bar manager Pedro Paulo created the Showtime menu to go along with the hotel’s location in the Theater district.

Tina the Cheddar-turning robot – and a cheese revolution

It is a cold February afternoon and I am watching wheels of cheese the size of small footstools being turned and gently brushed by the world’s first and only cheddar-turning robot. “Tina the Turner”, as the robot is affectionately called, is at the frontline of cheddar innovation in the UK.

Robots will destroy our jobs – and we’re not ready for it | The Guardian

The McDonald’s on the corner of Third Avenue and 58th Street in New York doesn’t look all that different from any of the fast-food chain’s other locations across the country. Inside, however, hungry patrons are welcomed not by a cashier waiting to take their order, but by a “Create Your Taste” kiosk.

McDonald’s Response to $15 Minimum Wage: Automation in Every Store

It’s official: McDonald’s says that every one of its 14,000 stores nationwide will be replacing cashiers with automated touch-screen kiosks. They’re starting with stores where minimum-wage laws mandate the highest rates, such as Florida, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Seattle. The fast food giant is rolling out self-order kiosks, mobile pay […]

Technology firms may struggle to disrupt the food business | The Economist

THE office parks of Silicon Valley boast many firms that are trying to change the world. But there are plenty with more modest goals. Zume Pizza, a tiny startup that is located a few miles from the sprawling headquarters of Google, wants to redesign the way pizzas are made.

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