We need robots that can improvise, but it’s not easy to teach them right from wrong

Industrial robots have existed since the 1960s, when the first Unimate robotic arm was installed at a General Motors plant in the United States. Nearly six decades on, why don’t we have capable robots in our homes, beyond a few simple domestic gadgets?

Researchers quantify basic rules of ethics and morality, plan to copy them into smart cars, even AI

As self-driving cars roar (silently, on electric engines) towards wide scale use, one team is trying to answer a very difficult question: when accidents inevitably happen, where should the computer look to for morality and ethics?

Driverless cars will soon be able to make ‘life or death’ judgements – Mirror Online

Self-driving cars will soon be able to make ‘life or death’ judgements…. such as whether to hit an animal rather than a pedestrian. The increase likelihood of driverless vehicles has raised questions such as whether they will be capable of ethical decisions, just like humans.

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