3D printing predictions for 2017 and the best of medicine, education and Makers

With so much scientific research coming from institutions all over the world, in 2016 I have become 3DPI’s unofficial 3D bioprinting ‘expert’. As someone who loves to learn so much, I’ve also pursued stories about 3D printing in education, and reached out to some of the 3D printing community on YouTube.

Dissect a Frog Without the Mess? Eon Brings Virtual Reality to Life in the Classroom | The 74

When gamers enter a world of augmented or virtual reality, they are surrounded by an unfamiliar environment where they must absorb new information for an extended period of time and solve a variety of challenging problems. Those same skills are essential for learning, which is why one virtual reality company is putting gaming elements to use in the classroom.

AI Teaching Assistant Helped Students Online – and No One Knew the Difference

Meet Jill Watson, a first-time teaching assistant at Georgia Tech assigned to moderate an online forum for a computer science class.

During the first few weeks in January, Jill really struggled. This was Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence, after all, a course with the goal to “build AI agents capable of human-level intelligence and gain insights into human cognition.”

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