Microsoft and Amazon agree to enable Cortana, Alexa communication | ZDNet

Microsoft and Amazon are partnering to enable their respective personal digital assistants to work together. In a deal announced on Aug. 30, the pair committed to getting Cortana and Alexa to communicate with each other later this year.

Raspberry Pi transformed into Amazon Echo by smart assistant add-on – TechRepublic

An add-on has been launched for the $35 Raspberry Pi that converts the tiny, best-selling computer into an Amazon Echo-style smart speaker.The pi-topPULSE adds a speaker and microphone to the Pi, allowing it to listen for spoken questions

OK, House. Get Smart: Make the Most of Your AI Home Minions

IF YOU’RE NOT already having conversations with a cylindrical speaker sitting on the kitchen counter, you will be soon. AI-­powered devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are poised to invade tens of millions more households this year. Here’s a guide to getting the most out of these futuristic household minions.

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