Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Suicide?

In “Machine learning of neural representations of suicide and emotion concepts identifies suicidal youth” (Just et al., 2017) describe their research in using artificial intelligence models to use brain imaging to predict who may be most likely to try to end their lives.

Inside the AI healthcare revolution: meeting the robots that can detect Alzheimer’s and depression

Just 45 seconds in the company of scientist Frank Rudzicz and his machines is all it takes to determine whether or not you are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

New Software Diagnoses Cardiac Arrhytmias from ECGs Better Than Cardiologists |

Stanford researchers claim to have developed an algorithm that “exceeds the performance of board certified cardiologists in detecting a wide range of heart arrhythmias from electrocardiograms [ECG] recorded with a single-lead wearable monitor,” according to a study published in arXiv.

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