Elon Musk’s Idea for a Tesla Electric Truck Actually Makes Sense | WIRED

ELON Musk has prompted another flurry of speculation with a single tweet. But unlike hyperloop, this one makes sense: an electric big rig.

The busiest man in tech already faces looming deadlines for getting a battery factory up to speed, the Model 3 out the door, and a secret payload (probably a spy satellite) into orbit.

Marble Delivery Robots Working in San Francisco – Robotics Trends

Marble delivery robots are being tested by Yelp Eat24 in San Francisco’s Mission and Potrero Hill areas. This is the first partnership for Marble, a San Francisco-based startup, which also announced a $4 million in seed funding led by Eclipse and including Maven Ventures, Amplify Partners and Lemnos Labs.

Out of road: driverless vehicles are replacing the trucker

Ramona Saucedo has been on the road for nearly two months, and she’s ready to get back home. Standing in front of a dusty white truck in the parking lot of a Flying J truck stop, she fingers her iPhone as she waits for a call from her business partner, who is checking on her progress.

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