How artificial intelligence is becoming a key weapon in the cyber security war

In the last 12 months, 60% of Australian organisations experienced a ransomware attack. This is according to Telstra’s Cyber Security Report 2017, which also found that ransomware was the number one type of malware downloaded in the Asia Pacific region during 2017.

‘Petya’ ransomware attack: what is it and how can it be stopped?

Many organizations in Europe and the US have been crippled by a ransomware attack known as “Petya”. The malicious software has spread through large firms including the advertiser WPP, food company Mondelez, legal firm DLA Piper and Danish shipping and transport firm Maersk, leading to PCs and data being locked up and held for ransom.

Trump’s cybersecurity executive order: 4 things you need to know – TechRepublic

Donald Trump signed an executive order on cybersecurity last month, outlining plans to address the cybersecurity of federal networks, the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure , the cybersecurity of the nation as a whole, and how to ensure that the United States achieves long-term excellence in cybersecurity.

Tech giants are under fire for facilitating terrorism

AFTER last weekend’s terrorist attack in London Theresa May, declared that “enough is enough.” She was not suggesting that some reasonable amount of terrorism had now been exceeded; rather, that extremism had been too readily tolerated in the past. She specifically criticised the big internet firms.

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