5 Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2017 – Battery

Artificial intelligence (AI) has officially gone mainstream. Industry research firm Gartner named AI as its number one strategic technology for a second year in a row. The acquisitions race among giants like Google, IBM, Salesforce and Apple to purchase private AI companies keeps heating up . 2016 alone saw 40 AI-related acquisitions and our own research found that 62% of large enterprises will be using AI-technologies by 2018.

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Technology: Looking and learning

The abundance of digital life has run up against a seemingly insurmountable problem: the limits of human attention.

These days, arranging to meet friends for dinner, organising business meetings or going on a trip can lead to a convoluted tangle. Life becomes an endless round of juggling message streams, bouncing between emails, checking online calendars, trawling review sites, researching prices and completing transactions.

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Amazon Echo voice-controlled speaker set for UK launch | What Hi-Fi?

Amazon is expected to announce the UK release of its Echo speaker at a press event scheduled to take place on Wednesday morning.

The Amazon Echo speaker uses the Alexa voice-assistant to offer a range of services above and beyond the average Bluetooth speaker, from talking to connected home products such as smart lightbulbs to finding local restaurants and calling taxis through Uber.

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AI Teaching Assistant Helped Students Online – and No One Knew the Difference

Meet Jill Watson, a first-time teaching assistant at Georgia Tech assigned to moderate an online forum for a computer science class.

During the first few weeks in January, Jill really struggled. This was Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence, after all, a course with the goal to “build AI agents capable of human-level intelligence and gain insights into human cognition.”

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Facebook ‘trending’ featuring fake news hours after humans replaced with robots

Hours after Facebook fired its “trending” news team and replaced it with robot curators, the social network’s news section featured inaccurate and potentially offensive articles.

The stories that appeared in the trending news box were previously curated by journalists, who would weed out links that weren’t high quality or from well-regarded publications

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Deep learning alone will never outperform natural language understanding | VentureBeat 

Google, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, and 885 other players in the A.I. market have all been spinning their wheels in the wrong direction.

Using brute force in machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) with advanced statistics, bots such as Siri, Echo, Viv, Hound, Skype and others fall off a cliff the moment they receive a command that is not an exact match for the engine.

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