Forget your GP, robots will ‘soon be able to diagnose more accurately than almost any doctor’

Robots will soon be able to diagnose patients “more accurately and faster” than almost any doctor, says the man behind a controversial NHS scheme which will see chatbots employed to assess 111 calls.

A private company with a string of health service contracts is to launch a national scheme which allows patients to receive a full diagnosis by smartphone – without ever having to see a GP.

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Monitor monikers: why what we call our robots matters | The Guardian

Odds are you talked to a robot last month. Artificial intelligence in the form of retail chatbots capped a huge year for e-commerce over the festive season, from supermodel personal shoppers to customer service. What seemed like a fun curio when IBM’s Watson was winning game shows only five years ago is now the “secret sauce” in a massively changing ecosystem.

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Starbucks begins testing its AI barista for mobile ordering | ZDNet

The chat-bot invasion has officially reached Starbucks. The coffee and tea purveyor announced the beta launch of the My Starbucks barista, an AI-based virtual assistant that lets customers place their orders via voice command or messaging interface. Starbucks is also launching a skill for the Amazon Alexa platform that will let customers order via voice command from any Alexa-powered device.

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The war on ticket bots is unlikely to be won | The Economist

“HAMILTON”, the hip-hop Broadway musical about one of America’s founding fathers, has broken all sorts of box-office records. Demand is high because it is exceptionally good. But this is not the only reason tickets are so scare.

Every time the show’s producers release a new block to sell, they immediately get snapped up by “ticket bots”, high-speed ticket-buying software.

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