Four Futures: Life After Capitalism – will robots bring utopia or terror? | Guardian

The idea that computers will soon steal our jobs is an article of faith among many of the world’s most powerful people. The argument goes like this: breakthroughs in robotics and artificial intelligence will make it possible to automate various kinds of labour. Self-driving cars will replace taxi and truck drivers; software will replace lawyers and accountants. We’ll end up with a world where machines do almost all of the work.

Project of the week: Bookstore AR | The Bookseller

Bookstore AR aims to recapture the magic once associated with bookstores for a whole new audience. Its augmented reality technology can enhance a retail brand or product by applying a digital layer that leads to “a deeper relation with the content”.

Who’s the team behind it?

Big Motive, a technology studio headquartered in Belfast with offices in London which boasts a team of designers, strategists, product managers and engineers.

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