Gartner’s digital transformation, IT crystal ball for 2017 | ZDNet

Augmented reality will become a shopping paradise, webpages will start to give way to screen-less voice interactions, blockchain technology will create a business worth $10 billion, and the Internet of Things will save $1 trillion a year by 2022.

Those items reflect Gartner’s crystal ball predictions for 2017 and beyond.

8 technologies every entrepreneur should know about | Guardian

Entrepreneurs need little convincing that technology is important, rapidly evolving, and likely to have a profound impact on their businesses. But keeping track of developments, and knowing where to focus one’s attention, is anything but straightforward.

Believing is seeing | The Economist

IT IS easy to forget that even the most trivial commercial transactions rely on small acts of trust. Laws encourage good behaviour, but states lack the resources to force everyone to be good all the time.

Trust keeps society running. Just ordering a pizza requires faith that the dough will be well made, that the pizzeria will not abuse the customer’s credit-card information, and that the delivery man will not abscond with the cargo.

Insurtech: How blockchain, artificial intelligence and P2P are changing the future of insurance | City A.M.

Just as fintech is transforming the banking world, “insurtech” has set its sights on the insurance industry.

There are firms like Trov, which provides insurance on-demand and enables consumers to catalogue insured belongings. Buzzmove uses home removals data to create a new distribution model for insurance – people are more likely to renew or buy insurance when moving house – and helps customers track the value of their assets.

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