Science Museum’s Robots: Who is really pulling the strings? | New Scientist

RoboThespian welcomes visitors to the opening of Robots at London’s Science Museum with suitable drama. The life-sized humanoid blinks its pixelated eyes, moves its head and gestures theatrically as it introduces the exhibition with great enthusiasm.

Science Museum’s robotic delights hold a mirror to human society | Guardian

Eric the robot wowed the crowds. He stood and bowed and answered questions as blue sparks shot from his metallic teeth. The British creation was such a hit he went on tour around the world. When he arrived in New York, in 1929, a theatre nightwatchman was so alarmed he pulled out a gun and shot at him.

Pizza ATM will serve up a hot pie in 3 minutes at Xavier University |

CINCINNATI, Ohio – A hot pizza in minutes will be available at Xavier University, which has installed the US’s first pizza ATM. The $55,000 pizza-on-demand machine will serve up a hot pie in about three minutes. It will hold 70 pizzas at a time. The pizzas, made by dining staff at the university, will be […]

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