IQBuds Cut The Noise, Accentuate Voices Without a Prescription | Medgadget

A lot of people have hearing issues that make it difficult for them to hear others while surrounded by a noisy environment, yet prescription hearing aids may be too expensive and an overkill solution. IQBuds from Nuheara, a company with offices in San Francisco, CA and Perth, Australia, is a new solution unveiled at CES in Las Vegas this week, that accentuate sounds you want to hear while drowning out the surrounding noise.

New York Philharmonic, Mets, Cavaliers Get Augmented Reality Listening

Doppler Labs is hoping to improve the experience for music and sports audiences.Wireless ear-bud maker Doppler Labs has partnered with six organizations to bring its Here One “augmented reality listening” to sporting events, museums, concert halls, and more.

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