Google robots to learn how to be offended as tech giant admits blind spot around extremist content  

Google has admitted to a blind spot around extremist content as it revealed it is teaching its computer systems to understand which videos are offensive.

Some of the biggest brands in the US have pulled hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising from Google and YouTube after their brands were promoted next to extremist content.

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YouTube’s Ad Problems Finally Blow Up in Google’s Face | WIRED

LATE LAST YEAR, Israel-based entrepreneur Matan Uziel saw a notification he’d never seen before pop up on YouTube’s backend—the part of the site where creators upload their videos. “I saw a yellow dollar sign. At first I didn’t understand what it was,” Uziel says. “Then I moved my cursor over it. I saw it meant my video was not advertiser-friendly.”

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YouTube’s plan to protect advertisers from controversial videos: stricter enforcement and more control  | VentureBeat 

Google has provided a little more insight into how it plans to help brands avoid appearing alongside controversial videos on YouTube.

The internet giant has faced growing criticism for making money off ads that run against videos associated with terrorist group sympathizers, among other “hateful” groups, with brands often unaware or unable to control the ad placements.

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