Starting as a niche technology, 3D printing has been around for a long time. And talk of how this technology could transform the construction industry, largely theoretical, has long circulated, too. But now, thanks to young entrepreneurs Chris Kelsey and Fernando De los Rios, we can expect to see 3D printing robots on building sites rather than hundred of masons in Dubai, and around the world.

The Silicon Valley-based duo has joined forces with the Dubai government, which has set a target for 25% of buildings to be 3D-printed by 2030 in the emirate.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be involved with this technology, as it presents great promise in terms of efficiency and capabilities,” says Kelsey, CEO and cofounder of Cazza, a 3D printing construction technology launched in 2016.

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Mike Rawson has recently re-awoken a long-standing interest in robots and our automated future. He lives in London with a single android - a temperamental vacuum cleaner - but is looking forward to getting more cyborgs soon.

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This Startup Is Disrupting The Construction Industry With 3D-Printing …

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